Landscape Architecture

Our team of landscape architects and designers are creative thinkers, and well-versed in delivering projects throughout its stages; right from project initialisation, through to concept design and on to construction documentation.

We have the inhouse specialisation in a variety of project types including parks, plazas, streetscapes, town centres, mixed use, retail, sports and recreation facilities, hospitality, residential, playspaces, waterfronts and ecological sites.

Our public realm solutions exemplify our design approach, one that is both inventive and pragmatic, prioritising different kinds of interventions that ultimately balance social, environmental and economic needs.

Urban Design

With trained urban designers within our team, we routinely convene, lead and/or collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to shape the overall form of neighbourhoods, park systems, waterfront districts, urban redevelopments, cities, and landscape infrastructure.

We think of urban design as a way of organising systems, synthesizing them together to implement a wholistic spatial arrangement. Throughout this process, we pay close attention to the ways in which open space, ecological, and multi-modal transportation systems can shape urban form and the human experience.

Within each context, economic implications are considered; how to support existing programs or generate new kinds of revenue streams and opportunities for the community. In either case, we maintain a critical eye toward doing no harm, actively working to avoid displacement and gentrification while enhancing the health, wellbeing and quality of life for all people.

Research & Competitions

We always investigate and research our work and push boundaries of our practice, as well as influence our client on new ways of seeing things. Competitions allow our team to push this even further and explore new theories and test and experiment with our work.

Researching the social evolution of our spaces, understanding human behaviour in certain cultures and developing new strategies for addressing climate change and social justice are all areas where we invest our time and energy.