Who We Are

We are a collective of landscape architects, architects and urban designers who put people at the heart of our work.

We are a diverse and collaborative group that draws from a varied background of skills and places of work.

With an understanding of the human experience, combined with the principles of sustainable design, we are passionate about creating dynamic and functional places.

Our work is global and varies in scale and context. Everything we do is driven by our aspiration to use good design to balance the needs of people with those of the planet.

Our Approach

We apply global experiences and expertise at a local level, tailoring designs to specific and contextual conditions and cultural requirements.

We work in a very collaborative environment and are very intent on ensuring our work is people-centric, functional, connected and achieves key sustainable principles in its resolution.

We are bold but considered in our work, investing time and resources to find the right design solution to solve our clients’ challenges.

People & Culture

The diversity within our studio’s is one of the best attributes and tools we have. It enables our creativity and energy. Our designers bring experience from notable studios and locations around the world, including London, New York City, Pittsburgh, Berlin, Stuttgart, Madrid, Venice, Rotterdam, Sydney, Glasgow, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, New Dehli and Johannesburg.

When we are at work, we work hard, test new ideas and never stop thinking and asking questions. We value people who take personal initiative, who can bring spirit and personality to their work, who develop their own particular expertise, and who can contribute positively to our studio culture.

And we support those who want to expand their interests, extend their professional development, learn something new, get chartered along the way. We thrive on the energy of one another, and are there to help others achieve. We provide opportunity for development and growth in our organisation and take enjoyment in seeing our people grow and flourish.


The design of a sustainable landscape encompasses the three pillars of sustainable development: economic well-being, social equity and environmental preservation and enhancement.

We envision to be environmentally and socially responsible with our landscape designs; with intention to create spaces that promote a healthy, and prosperous environment that improves quality of life.

We apply sustainability targets to our projects which are underpinned by the Paris Agreement and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Studio Partners

We partner with other landscape architects, architects and engineers across the globe and are always looking for new partners to work on exciting projects.

In mid-2018, Uncommon Land became affiliated with Benoy Architects, wayfinding firm; Holmes Wood and consultancy business; Pragma; amalgamating under the banner of Handley House.

Collectively the four businesses operate out of three continents and 11 cities including London and Newark in the UK, Mumbai, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen in Asia and Los Angeles, Detroit, and Montreal in North America.

We deliver an integrated offer of commercial advice and creative design services, unmatched in the industry.