Ajdan Infinity Complex

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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The Ajdan Infinity Complex is a mixed use development that will provide programming for shoppers and visitors. Spaces will be created for events and performances, food and beverage, areas for interactive art, play, leisure and general areas for resting, socialising and gathering. The landscape has been designed to enhance the users experience and compliment the architecture with a variety of elaborate water features, green roofs, an attractive planting scheme and a thoughtful spatial arrangement that enables pedestrian flow to key spaces and building entrances.

The idea is to use the landscape space as an extension of the commercial areas and provide diverse activities to attract visitors and increase the retail value and general footfall on the site.

Al Khobar is a city regarded as a resort town which boasts several beaches and beach resorts. The city has multiple lifestyle opportunities, and given the location of this site which faces the sea, its usage and visitation will no doubt be high.

Key design principles:

  • Different types of water features provide a cooler environment for users and enhance the landscape experience

  • Multifunctional community areas provide public spaces with seating and planting to encourage social activities

  • The Boulevard encourages pedestrian flow and provides space for temporary market stalls, on-grade tree planting and seating

  • An ecological green roof allows users to feel connected with nature by promoting access and views to terraces and balconies

Project Name
Ajdan Infinity Complex
Mixed Use
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Schematic Design
45,490 m²