Al Qilada

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Al Qilada will create the landscape benchmark for Jeddah residential developments by creating a series of interconnected, richly diverse and inviting, green spaces that create delight and joy, promote a sense of community, increase health and wellbeing and provide opportunities for leisure and recreation for all ages.

The design principles bring together thermal comfort solutions with connectivity, creating a series of green threads and parks that provide comfortable pedestrian and cycling routes. These links lead to the magnetic green spine of the development, the Necklace Park, a linear park at the heart of the project that responds to the masterplan zones to accommodate residential and mixed uses.

Key design principles:

  • A landscape that provides opportunities for leisure and recreation for different age ranges through the creation of different residential courtyards.

  • A landscape which is a strong fit with the Neighbourhood and the Kinan Park Development.

  • Creation of a linear park which takes inspiration from the traditional Arabic Necklace Designs.

  • An ecologically sound landscape that combines natural and informal play spaces, topography, community gardens and sports and gym grounds for residents to use.

Project Name
Al Qilada
Residential masterplan
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Concept masterplan complete
110 ha