Handley House Open Space Sustainability Framework

London, UK

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Sustainability and addressing climate change is now one of the key global issues that landscape architects need to consider.

The design of sustainable open spaces and landscapes encompass the three pillars of sustainable development: economic well-being, social equity and environmental protections. The document was developed with the intention to create a framework for the implementation of spaces that provide nature based solutions and preserve and enhance the environment, and promote a healthy and prosperous environment that improves quality of life.

The document is a framework, a toolbox and a manifesto for the use of Handley House’s design professional’s to implement sustainable design initiatives in their projects. The framework, goals and targets are scalable and it serves to provide a process through the design stages; ensuring follow through on sustainability strategies that are initiated in concept; while also providing guidance on sustainable options and opportunities.


  • A framework that is underpinned by the Paris Agreement.
  • The focus of the document is towards environmental rejuvenation and preservation with strong consideration on enabling changes in human behaviours through the implementation of systems that are climate conscious and reduce the carbon footprint of users of the space.
  • Champion nature based solutions in the built environment while increasing carbon sequestration opportunity.
  • Promote the development of social infrastructure to enhance well being, connect people with nature, and be inclusive and cater for diverse groups within communities.
  • Set a platform to enhance and provide key social benefits including education, exercise, play, passive and formal recreation.
  • Efficient use of natural resources, including energy, water, and materials, while also promoting a circular economy.
  • Provide design ideas for projects so they can be more resilient to climate events and natural disaster risks.
Project Name
Handley House Open Space Sustainability Framework
Guidelines & Framework
London, UK

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