Visakhapatnam, India

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Situated in Vizag, India, the InOrbit Mall will be a new landmark for the city, and the largest retail development in Southern India. The vision of the project is to create a unique retail destination that will capitalise on its stunning natural context. Working with Uncommon Land’s sister company Benoy, we designed the ground floor plaza, roof garden, central atrium, and two entrance landscapes to complement the architectural concept that is based on the creation of an arboreous public realm. Each of these spaces has its own unique programming that provides opportunities for entertainment, play & socialisation.

Our vision was to create multi-purpose destination landscape, that is as much a destination for its public realm offerings, but also offer spaces for shopping patrons to relax and socialise. The landscape design is inspired by the Banyan Tree, a significant tree that occurs on the site. The organic form of the landscape is an abstract representation of the tree's root structure and symbolically anchors the landscape to the natural heritage of the site and the surrounding natural environment. The landscape design has been carefully sculpted to protect and celebrate the existing trees on the site. This is an important consideration for any landscape design, but it is especially important for a project that is focused on creating a connection to nature.


  • Improve the retail experience by creating spaces where people can stop, pause, and relax before, during and after shopping.
  • Protect and celebrate the existing trees, one of which is the existing culturally and environmentally significant Banyan tree that sits within the buildings interior.
  • Plaza, rooftop, atrium, and entrance landscapes with a shared identity, that resonates with the architectural language.
  • Spaces that are accessible and inviting to visitors of all ages and abilities.
  • Provide a balance between active spaces for entertainment and passive spaces for socialisation.
  • Locally sourced landscape furniture and materials, that reflect the design language centred on the Banyan tree.
  • Plant species that are predominantly indigenous to the region.
Project Name
Public Realm
Visakhapatnam, India
Concept Completed
1 million sq.ft retail development over 16.6 acres
InOrbit Malls

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