Mangrove Eco Park

Western India

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Located in western India this rehabilitated park will provide a unique setting for local residents and visitors. The site will provide new habitat for local fauna, as well as new vegetative communities, that will be highlighted with new mangrove plantings along the coastal and creek edges of the park.The design intends to create themes which promote a deeper understanding of what biodiversity means and how people can actively contribute. This will specifically be emphasised by highlighting the importance new ecological systems, natural creeks and threat of rising sea levels, erratic rain falls, and the need for costal protection.

Interpretive signage, opportunity for recreation, habitat corridors, open sports fields, pedestrian and cycle networks, will all enable the prospects of improving well-being and awareness of nature and local biodiversity. The eco park will be further under pinned by providing key social and recreation spaces. The site will also provide studios and spaces for regional artisans to work and sell their products. In addition, new community building assets and restaurants will also be sited within the park at key locations.

Key design principles:

  • The landscape strategy will leverage from its rehabilitated natural systems, including its creeks, coastal edge, vegetative corridors, and green space

  • Natural systems will be key sites to locate programming for connection paths and informal recreation

  • The design will focus on providing ecological corridors and resilience to rising seas levels and flooding

  • New habitat for birds, reptiles, and amphibians

  • The architecture and community spaces will express local history and culture

  • Provide a central landmark mound which will provide views of the park and interactive spaces to learn about local biodiversity and the regions history and culture

Project Name
Mangrove Eco Park
Ecological Design
Western India
Draft Concept complete
73 hectares